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Corporation Outfits

Baron's all-in-one Corporation Outfits include the following:


  • Corporate Minute Book - Contains 20lb. rag content bond filler paper. Index tabs for Articles, Minutes, Bylaws, Journal and Ledger. Journal and Ledger Sheets.
  • Corporate Seal - Standard 15/8" diameter pocket style seal engraved with corporation name, state and year. Corporation names with over 40 characters and spaces require a 2" diameter seal at a slight additional cost.
  • 20 Printed and Numbered Share Certificates - Each certificate is custom printed with corporation name, state and date of incorporation, officers' titles, capitalization, and one class of stock recited. Two additional printed, unnumbered Share Certificates are included for specimen copies. All Certificates printed for signatures of Secretary and President unless otherwise requested.
  • Printed Forms - 2 Sets of California Bylaws and 2 Sets of California Minutes, First Organization Meeting. Delaware & Nevada Bylaws and Minutes, First Organization Meeting available by request.


#100  Custom Deluxe  Corporate Outfit
#100 "Custom Deluxe" Corporate Outfit
#300  Compact  Corporate Outfit
#300 "Compact" Corporate Outfit
#400  Exclusive  Corporate Outfit
#400 "Exclusive" Corporate Outfit
#500  Prestige  Compact Corporate Outfit
#500 "Prestige" Compact Corporate Outfit
#600  Limited Liability Company  Outfit
#600 "Limited Liability Company" Outfit