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#500 "Prestige" Compact Corporate Outfit

#500  Prestige  Compact Corporate Outfit

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Black or maroon, hand-crafted leatherette, 3-Ring Minute Book with matching slip case. All items fit within the slip case, which can remain shelved when the minute book is removed. Corporate name "Custom Gold Embossed" on spine of minute book as well as on leather corporate seal case, included. A welcomed addition to your library.

3- Ring Binder with Slip Case
Complete with:
  • 1 set of White Tabs (5)
  • Minutes & Bylaws (2 Sets Each)
  • Journal & Ledger (2 Each)
  • 11" Bond Filler Paper (50 Sheets)
  • Printed 1G Certificates (20 Numbered, 2 Samples)
  • Seal & Seal Pouch (1)
  • Embossing: on Front, Spine of Minute Book, Seal Pouch
8 1/2" x 11" Letter Size
Specify Black or Maroon

Price: $105.15

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