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Stock Rotary XpeDater
Stock Rotary XpeDater
Xstamper Pre-Inked Stamp
Stock Rotary XpeDater
Impression Size: 1-3/4" diameter round
Outer Ring Color: Red
Date/Message Color: Blue

The XpeDater prints your custom message along with the day, month, and year over a 6-year period. A simple twist of the base and a turn of the dials changes the date, eliminating the need for tweezers! The year band also prints: AM, PM, REC'D, FAX'D, and ENT'D. All XpeDaters come with an inked base for a permanent home on a desk or counter top. This model also comes with a handy ink cap to make it portable.

Baron carries the full line of Xstamper stamps, so to add your own custom message to this stamp, please visit the Custom Stamp section, or call Customer Support at 800-772-2434 or email at info@barondirect.com for assistance.