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  • Located at http://www.barondirect.com.
  • Launched in 1999.
  • Industry’s first fully functional Internet-based, B2B e-commerce solution.
  • Designed for law firms and other large enterprises to expedite procurement of business stationery and office supplies.
  • Platform-independent and user friendly.
  • Currently, provides online purchase of:
    • Stationery: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Labels.
    • Business forms.
    • Legal index exhibit dividers.
    • On-demand printing.
    • Office supplies and products.
    • Ad specialty and promotional products.
    • Inventory management.
    • Reports (order, release, reorder histories and cost-charge recording).
  • Benefits to clients:
    • Reduced print and office supplies procurement costs.
    • Distribute-and-print time- and cost-efficiencies.
    • On-demand production and delivery.
    • Faster and easier ordering/reordering.
    • Greater control over inventories and costs.
    • Better brand management.
    • Reduced errors.
  • Track-record of satisfied clients (major law firms and corporations).
  • Long-established, strategically located manufacturing partnerships.
  • $6.5 million generated via BARONdirect annually since 1999.
  • Strong management leadership.
  • Long-term, committed staff.
  • Solid financial backing from parent companies, BARON and Empire Paper Corporation, and investment community.